Our Mission

Precious Plastic Dublin is a volunteer collective working on practical solutions to plastic waste and pollution in Dublin. As part of the Precious Plastic global movement, we aim to bring plastic recycling closer to the local community, enabling the public to transform their own waste, while demonstrating the remaining value of plastic waste.

The precious Plastic global movement

Precious Plastic is a global project trying to boost plastic recycling on the local level. It aims to provide tools and knowledge to people for free, trying to give people solutions to fight plastic pollution.

Precious Plastic was started by Dave Hakkens in 2013. By now, the project counts on the contributions of dozens of people joining the project with their skills and knowledge. The project is also helped by hundreds of monthly donations on the Precious Plastic Patreon page and thousands of single donations. You can support Precious Plastic Dublin on GoFundMe.

Check the video below for the full story behind Precious Plastic.