Precious Plastic Dublin is a volunteer collective working on practical solutions to plastic waste and pollution in Dublin. As part of the Precious Plastic global movement, we aim to bring plastic recycling closer to the local community, enabling the public to transform their own waste, while demonstrating the remaining value of plastic waste.

Big News:

Work on the Ballymun Workshop is almost complete and so we would be very appreciative if all caps could be sent there from now on. Please send all caps to: Precious Plastic Dublin @ Ballymun Youthreach Beside Library, Ballymun Road, Dublin 11.

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Looking Forward

Restrictions are being eased, vaccines are proving affective and tentitavive plans for social gatherings are starting to be made again. There are plenty of green shoots of optimism that we may be returning to some of pre pande...

New Home in Ballymun

While lockdown has prevented in-person meetings with the team which we all draw so much energy from, things haven’t slowed down completely. In fact possibly our biggest step forward has occured. We now have a place to call our ...

Precious Plastic Dublin at the Zero Waste Christmas Festival

Precious Plastic Dublin will be at the upcoming Zero Waste Christmas Festival in The George Bar (Dublin 2) on Sunday, December 1. We’ll bring you the latest updates from our group and will provide collection points for plastic ...

Meet us at Electric Picnic

Heading to Electric Picnic this year? You can find us at the Global Green Eco Village and learn more on how you can become part of the solution to plastic pollution!

Recap Dublin Maker

Thanks for everyone reaching out to us at the Dublin Maker. We had a great day and were super happy with all the discussions and feedback we got from you about our plans, plastic recycling in Dublin, and the solutions we can pr...

Support us on GoFundMe

We have launched a GoFundMe campaign to bring Precious Plastic to Dublin. In Stage 1 we are raising money to build a shredder and an extrusion machine. Every small donation and share on Social Media really helps. Thanks, folks!

Meet us at Dublin Maker

Interested in finding out more about Precious Plastic Dublin? Come and meet us at the 2019 Dublin Maker at Merrion Sq. on Saturday, July 20.

Sustainable Living Festival 2019

Living sustainably can be a challenge, with a complex range of choices we can make to lighten our impact on the Earth. What actions can we take ourselves at home, at work, and in our community?