Anna Golovkina

Anna is a humanist and tries to help people in different ways. She believes that kindness and healthy living is the foundation of happiness and a base for healthy living is a clean environment. Professionally, she sells energy analytics platforms for large consumers to help reduce their energy use, practices yoga and mindfulness. She tries to inspire people to adopt a more reflected plastic consumption because she knows for sure that a big change in the world consists of a million small changes. Anna believes in people and that we are on the right path to become more conscious and knowledgeable about all the precious uses of plastic.

Precious Plastic Dublin

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Precious Plastic Dublin is a volunteer collective working on practical solutions to plastic waste and pollution in Dublin. As part of the Precious Plastic global movement, we aim to bring plastic recycling closer to the local community, enabling the public to transform their own waste, while demonstrating the remaining value of plastic waste.